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There are three books which I am particularly interested in rediscovering and rereading.  If only someone could tell me who wrote them and/or what their titles are!

The first is a YA book that is set in the city of Pittsburgh. It is about a teenage girl of 17 or 18 who looks years younger than she actually is. She uses her young appearance to go undercover as a 12 year old to help the police capture a child molester/rapist. One scene includes her dressed up as and acting like a young child in a park . And another scene occurs on one of the city's inclines.

The second book is the first in a series. I love espionage stories and this particular one has stuck with me since I finished reading it when I was about 15, so that would mean that it was published at least 15 years ago. It's a story about several teenage students who are recruited as spies. And I believe that they were recruited by some sort of testing they went through at their schools. One of the students (and I think it's female) has a photographic memory. And the bad guys have some kind of tattoo on their wrist or forearm.

The third book, I really started thinking about after I saw the preview to the new evil Stepfather movie. The book starts out with a detective who was called to a house where a family was brutally murdered. Then, it goes on to a girl whose mother has a new boyfriend and she starts to suspect him of being a killer. She has a friend or two with whom she confides and they investigate her mom's boyfriend together. The climax of the story involves the mother coming home while the girl is upstairs confronting or being confronted by the boyfriend.

A Good Day


Yesterday was really good day. I got to babysit the little boy I had previously been a nanny for and whom I haven't seen in several months.

My Spiritual Life


Around three o'clock this morning, I really started to think a lot about where I am right now in my life - personally, emotionally, spiritually - and how I got to be at this particular point. 


My current life...

My blog is woefully out of date.

They would have hired me, but...

So, I had a job interview at a daycare center this morning.  All was going well and it looked like they were very interested in hiring me. 



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